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This Excel Addin implements Yahoo Finance API in your Excel workbooks and exposes 84 new functions in Stock Quotes category for you to be able to download live Stock information right in your Excel Workbooks.

Not only you have multiple sources "Yahoo and MSN for the stock information, but also you can get Option Pricing and Mutual Fund pricing from MSN right into your Excel spreadsheet.

All the functions take the symbol argument, so if you were to get the Ask price for Google then you would create a small function like =Ask("GOOG") and you will have the result in your cell. With this new Excel function library to download Stock quotes right in your Excel workbook, you are in full control. You can download only the information that you need and when you need.

You do not need to setup or get the full table of all financial data for the data when you are only looking to get a small piece of information for the stock you are interested in.

The software is available for a one time small fee for lifetime license and will be updated constantly.

What is included in the road map for the development is various interested features like ability to download historical data for a stock, charts, select the markets and many more cool features.

All these future updates will be available by default to the existing customers without any further costs. There is a proper menu system in Excel which handles the automatic updates for the software and you can simply check for updates by clicking a button.

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